Monday, February 17, 2020

Presidents Day Eviction 2003

  This was on this day in 2003 that I was evicted from my house of 26 years. this was illegal since a I was not behind on my payments and I was protected by a federal bankruptcy stay 11 USC 362(a).

Since then I have tried to get a hearing or a trial to investigate my charges. Unsecessfully.

In the beginning the bankruptcy Court ruled it did not have jurisdiction to investigate these charges since the case, the main case had been dismissed.

Later during the appeals process the ninth circuit and it split decision argued whether or not the bankruptcy appellate panel or BAP, did not have jurisdiction because it wasn't an article 3 Court. 

The 9th circuit, decided to hear the case en bank, and concluded it was all my fault trying to hurry up my appeal by filing for a petition for a writ of mandamus ordering the lower court, the bap,  the now evident case law, which ruled the court did have jurisdiction.

If you are an attorney that would like to get involved in this case please email me or call me at 423-707-8949


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