Friday, February 21, 2020

Arnold Schwarzenegger

From experience I concluded the best time to ask a politician for help was when he felt best about the position he was in any of us are like that.

So in early 2004 I wrote to the newly-minted governor California the great Superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger thinking he may not be like the rest of the politicians who knows

Like other politicians I did not hear from him right away or for that matter ever, but the actions were marvelous. Apparently he or his staff contacted the comptroller of currency to ask about this who then threw it to Ocwen the people that ultimately violated the law and they sent back a four-page letter where in the last paragraph on the third page they make one quick lie.

there was a case before the 9th circuit at that time and everyone agreed to just let them resolve it but of course I lost again

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