Saturday, July 14, 2018

July 14, 2018

Whatever your cosmology is (how did we get here) Your religious beliefs, DNA, (God?) has labored for 3.5 Billion years to produce our short experience of consciousness on this planet, at this time.
Over time, we developed language and symbolic reality, word means something, in order to communicate.
Today, in 1789, french citizens stormed the Bastille, which started the French Revolution and ended with the execution of Louie the 16th and his wife.
Ego, (our personalities) which developed from the use of symbols to describe things and certain chemical adrenaline responses to fight or flight, defined how we evolved since Gutenberg.
The Democratic s v Republicans is us the latest battle of ego's
So while we experience this brief experience of consciousness,, lets look to love each other. All religions endorse this concept.
In our particular time, this July 14, 2018, lets remember , in this county, we are all Americans, lets act act like them
Ok,, My 2 cents
Love ,
Gary Ozenne

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