Friday, July 13, 2018

An Act of War ? 8 points to enlighten You

July 13, 2018

President Trump:

With the indictments of 12 Russian actors accused of interfering with our elections, you must take action:

1. Cancel Meeting set for Monday with KGB agent turned President Putin
2. Demand extradition of 12 accused to face trial under American Law.
3. Stop listening to the sycophants in your administration.
4. Unike Pearl Harbor, the next war is computers and software
5. Recognize that this is your opportunity to do what is right for America.
6.Make nice with our allies, especially Canada, Britain, France, and European Allies  
7. We often get caught up with our own sense of self, but you have a bigger role in history
8. Don't blow it, we are all praying for you to be a great President.

Ronald Reagan would not approve of how you have been behaving, as you know he was the banner carrier of conservative thought of conservative American Values.  

We all have a short time on this planet in this consciousness

God Bless you,  may the DNA intelligence of understanding of our short time, for our ego's to make a difference, permeate your  soul, which goes on forever


Gary Ozenne

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