Thursday, April 20, 2017

My war against injustice takes a new turn -- 8 member court forgot the constitutional rights to a trial

April 20, 1917

I am sorry to have to report that our Supreme Court, has denied my request for a trial, guaranteed by our  US Constitution. 

A point was made that Justice Gorsuch did not participate in the decision. 

No constitutional rights for Gary Ozenne,, the banks are either protecting bankruptcy judge, Meredith Jury, in her sudden (Manchurian Candidate) reversal in ten days between February 24, 2017,  where the court seems to understand the violation of law and remarked that if it was issued after filing for bankruptcy protection, according to 9th circuit law, void, from the beginning issues, noting that this was just the top of "the iceberg'. We went back to the motel happy.  But ten days later on March 6, 2003, our hopes for a trial were dashed, when she proves she is strongly influenced by Chase Manhattan and Ocwen. 

And seemingly more interested in protecting the big banks rather than applying the law, which is very clear   11 USC 362(a)   protection more than the interests, of the debtor who looked towards the court for protection.  The purpose of bankruptcy courts to allow the debtor 'breathing room' and an opportunity to reschedule debts.    than the debtor's  

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