Friday, April 15, 2016

It's Donovan's Birthday April 15

April 15, 2016

I was there, the next morning after the Friday Night party held in the apartment shared by my brother Dennis, and our cousin, Stan Rubechk  on a street, South of Century, just West of Praire. when my older brother, Dennis.  met Marcella, at a party.  was a friend of mine.  

The next morning I drove my 57 Chevy wagon, to the apartment. Stan opened the door,, he had a big bag from McDonalds, and offered me a burger. He had a bag of 10 McDonalds burgers. He had paid $1.50. seems crazy now , 10 burgers $1.50.

The couple who fell in love, instantly, had Stan drove them to Mexico.  Stan telling me all of this while eating my second burger. But after that incredible night of spirits bonding, the eternal love affair between these loving souls,, who loved the music and changes in the world, inspired by the Beatles and many other groups 

After that night for over three decades, they have never spent a night apart. 

The pride of Denny and Marcella, was their son, Donovan Peter Ozenne.

Donovan, once he sighted  Michelle, his life changed as well.  Sure enough, they were soon married, and with their love, produced Austin and Autumn, Two children who are smarter than Dad or me, in many ways.   

Marcella passed first, Dennis, a lonely soul, save for the love of his son, lost any purpos to go on, and passed, likely to rejoin his wife. 

Well Denny and Marcella , I can tell you that he has seemed to incorporate the best traits of both of you. You would both be, like I am, so very pround of your progeny.  

Happy Birthday Donovan  Love You  

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