Tuesday, March 22, 2016

This is not America or the one I was taught about

March 22, 2016

In October of 2015, I petitioned the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, in my case against Ocwen and Chase, 11-60039, to take 'judicial notice' of several recent occuring in the last 18 months affecting  Ocwen Fedeal Bank. Providing just court decisions and settlements, and investigations, I thought this news may be of benefit when considering my case,  and noteworthy news facts that had occured in the last 15 months, and five years since this case was filed.  in June 2011.  These documents   which were generally known by the public of legal proceedings against the banks 

settlement with Chase   March 2015 

From Investigations by NPR  November 2014

A settlement with the Feds   Dec 2013 

On Dec 19, 2013, the California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris Announced a $2.1 Billion Mortgage Settlement with Ocwen Financial Corporation and Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC (Ocwen) over alleged mortgage servicing misconduct. California homeowners eligible to receive an estimated $268 million in first lien principal reductions and nearly $23 million in cash payments.[23]
This agreement is with a total of 49 states with $2 billion used to cover loan modifications and principle reductions for the people who lost their homes between Jan. 1, 2009 and Dec. 21, 2012, and those people whose loans were serviced by OCWEN. "OCWEN took advantage of borrowers at every stage of the process", said Richard Cordray, Director of the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.[24]
A copy of the 67-page California Complaint can be found here:[25]
A copy of the 173-page California Consent Order can be found here:[26]
Ocwen Federal Bank FSB was liquidated by themselves in 2005 the FDIC report is here:[27]

With all this news, I concluded I should take notice of these major events, and update the court, so they had the lasest information about the litigants arguing in their court. Obviously the court, with its own resources, and present technology, know about all facts that occur before a hearing about the particular litigants.  So I informed them, so that these would become part of the record. No Luck , No Dice, No reason.  

From "The Falcon and the Snowman" 

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