Monday, October 1, 2012

Arnold Schwarzenegger

October 1, 2012

Arnold seems like a big rat, in light of the recent news stories.
I write this because I feel compelled to do so.

After watching 60 Minutes last night, and some shows today, it is generally agreed that Arnold is a dawg, and not a very good husband.

I saw one of his movies, "Stay Hungry" but was not a fan.

My home in Corona, California of 26 years was stolen by crooked bankers in early 2003. My business, Residential Fire Sprinklers, failed shortly after my eviction.  In the rush to profits during the late 1990's until the first decade of the new century, the banks and their hired service agents had their way with American homeowners.

 In early 2004  I wrote  to the new governor, explaining what had happened to me.  Without even acknowledging receipt of my letter, he apparently wrote to the federal Office of Thrift Supervision on my behalf, who then contacted Ocwen, and with the unspoken force of the Governator, the loan service agent, Ocwen, replied with a detailed 4 page response detailing the history of my loan that I had obtained from Ameriquest in 1998.  In that response to the Office of Thrift Supervision,  Ocwen simply lied when in a buried sentence on page 3 they simply lied and stated they had rescinded the deed they had issued in violation of federal law.  Sadly this was not true. I needed a courtroom hearing to flesh out the true facts.

The Bankruptcy Judge, the honorable Meredith Jury, however, did not believe she had the jurisdictional power to grant me a hearing to state my charges and provide any proof of the facts and denied my motions for a trial in the bankruptcy court.

It turns out that United States Bankruptcy Courts do not have the same jurisdiction as the United States District Courts, which are given jurisdiction from Article III of the United States Constitution. I have been bogged down in jurisdiction issues while Chase and Ocwen have stolen my home and destroyed my business, and they did it with impunity, with not even the consequence of facing me in a court of law.

Even in my latest appeal to the 9th circuit court of appeals , Chase and Ocwen did not even bother to response to my latest legal challenge to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals  ;Ozenne vs Chase Manhattan  et. al.  11-60039.

Arnold, like many powerful men has fallen to the pleasure that political or fame has granted. How he proceeds from this point will define him as a man. Let's not forget, our DNA has one purpose; advancing to the next generation or gene pools. the last few years remind us of Strass-Kahn, Elliott Spitzer, a South Carolina governor and many others.

Arnold's reality may soon change, but for me I thank you Governor for at least trying, no other elected official or Jamie Dimon, CEO of Chase, has given me as much consideration.

I hope Arnold you can resolve your own problems with Maria and all the Children.

Thank you again, for the help you gave to me, an unknown citizen, who needed the help of government.  You did not disappoint me.

God Bless you, and your family

Gary Ozenne

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