Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Letter to Ann Romney

May 1, 2012

Ann Romney:
311 Dunemere Drive
La Jolla, CA 92037

Dear Ann:

I saw you on television a few day’s ago and felt compelled to write you.

I have previously written to President Obama, Attorney General Holder, Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein. I have also appealed, pro-se, to the United States Supreme Court, three times, and written to the media and banker Jamie Dimon at JPMorgan.  All with no results.

What have I sought for this decade long effort?  

A hearing in a court of law to hear my complaint about how the bank blatantly violated bankruptcy law which cost me my family home of 26 years, and the home based business operated from that home; Residential Fire Sprinklers, a licensed California fire protection business.

The bankruptcy court - Judge Jury - claimed she lacked jurisdiction to hear my complaint, and all of the appeals courts, to the Supreme Court summarily agreed. In 2006, in a subsequent case for a violation of the same law, 11 USC 362,  the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel for the 9th Circuit, reversed Judge Jury, and ordered a hearing for damages.  I then asked for the Supreme Court to reconsider this different  treatment of violations in the 9th circuit without success.  

Now, May 2012, Judge Jury still claims she lacks jurisdiction to hear my case in spite of precedential law from the BAP in 2006 to the contrary; she must hear my complaint.  I now have an appeal in to the 9th Circuit, to reverse the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel, who in a May 2011 petition denied my request for a hearing. It is more problematic this time, however, since Judge Jury,  now,  in addition of her bankruptcy duties is also a justice on this seven member Bankruptcy Appellate Panel for the 9th Circuit.  

Since both the facts and the law are undeniable, and on my side, it feels like these jurists are covering for each other, while my fate twists in the wind. I have been at this since 2002, with and without professional legal help.

Now while my case is again being reviewed, for the third time, by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, case 11-60039, all it would take, I believe,  would be a short meeting with you or your husband which would attract enough media attention to force these jurists at the 9th Circuit  to look closely at my case and apply the law to the facts.

When your campaign journey brings you to California, if your schedule permits, I would appreciate a brief meeting, which I believe would then force the appeals court to not summarily dismiss my case, as they have over the last decade, and grant me a hearing.
That’s what I am hoping for. You can read about my case at the web blog that I created to document my case at  www.banksters.us  My social ID on most services is ‘firesprinklers’

Ann,  I have lived a law abiding and responsible life here in southern California for over  62 years, and am just beginning to receive Social Security benefits.  I would love to finally put this injustice behind me, and regain my faith in American law.

God Bless you and your husband as you campaign across our great country.

All my best,

Gary L. Ozenne
951-496-7525 cell  


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  1. Gary, Ive lost all faith in President Obama he is just a pupit to world major Corp. Im afraid that Mitt Romney will be worse, he is totally rapped up in the quagmire of Billionairs.