Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jamie Dimon

At some point during my struggle with the bank, I became aware of that Jamie Dimon was the CEO of Chase Manhattan.  He reminded me of a compilation of the best of salesmen, sales managers and executives, I knew in the computer industry. In  October of 2007, I wrote a personal letter to Jamie from the local Corona motel I was staying in, asking him to resolve this issue. I was pleasantly surprised, when a week later, on a Friday Afternoon, someone from Chase Manhattan called, apologized, and assured me that this would be resolved, but could I give him a few day's to get all the facts. Take all the time you need, I replied. I was elated and thought, why didn't I think of this earlier.

Unfortunately, a while later he advised me that the bank, Chase Manhattan, was simply the trustee of a trust of loans, and perhaps I should contact Ocwen.

Unknown to him, of course was the fact that in 2004, new Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had contacted the Office of Thrift Supervision  on my behalf who then contacted Ocwen, who simply lied in their four page reply.

Next began a period of drunken video's on YouTube in various 'open letters' to Jamie Dimon concluding on May 17, 2009, with a postal letter to three Chief Executives, including Jamie.

Now, eleven years after the blatant violation of law, I am still waiting to receive a judicial hearing to show my proof, make my claim, and have the law applied. Jamie Dimon, today was grilled by his board of directors. I have always given Jamie the benefit of the doubt as to his intentions since he took over the bank years ago, but now with Elizabeth Warren's call for Jamie to step down from his post on the federal reserve, I'm not so sure.

We will see.

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