Friday, April 20, 2012

Sex and Drugs

The events in Cartagena and more importantly, our governments reaction to it is embarrassing. Watching our government officials squabble over this latest discovery of evidence that the DNA trumps everything!

The American government is acting like an embarrassed and guilty schoolboy, ashamed for his feelings after viewing pornography for the first time.

This is laughable, as public figures attempt to  bring a new perspective wring their grandmotherly hands in outrage of this public outing of the true intention of the DNA, which, after all, simply put, is to fuck. Keep evolution advancing here on this planet in these receptacles that house that old wire coil of life that traces back to the beginning. Toss out a mutation here and there, see if it sticks.

Drugs have been used for centuries to change consciousness. Without them surgery was quite painful. Prohibition did not work for alcohol, and merely spawned the underworld gangs like Al Capone, today its mexican and Central American drug cartels.

So while we react to what the media blurbs to us, focusing our own neurological hooks into this instant electronic presentation of events, the real problem persists.

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