Sunday, June 17, 2018

Fathers Day 2018

June 17, 2018

What a fantastic Day !

My nephew and his beautiful wife, Jennifer picked me up, and we drove to Virginia. I wasn't sure what was in store, but went to a Walmart and bought me a 'dickies; T shirt,  shorts and a bathing suit.

Then we went to Hungry Mother State Park

Drove to a recreational lake, that rents, canoes, paddle boards, and pedal wheel boats

We cruised the lake to a diving platform the had a low spring board,and a high spring board. 

Judge and I dove off the high board.  Jenn got a slight sunburn, as photographer

We then went to Dinner at Pablanos, a Mexican restaurant in Mountain City,that serves huge portions of Mexican Food.

I returned home with clothes, a beautiful card of love and a helium balloon, as well as marvelous memories.

Scott, my son, called from South Carolina, to send love and affection, having eventful times of his own recently..

Thanks to Judge, Jenn, and Scott for the love energy.

Gary O  


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