Monday, May 28, 2018

Staff Sargent JW Boyd

May 28, 2018

My bud, and  a true hero of America is former Sargent JW Boyd.

Yes, JW is his first name , it doesnt stand for anything but JW.

He was a Texas 18 year ild wgen our government called upon him to serve in 1943.

He entered the Army and was sent to Europe to help with thenfighting againt Nazi oppression.

In December of of 1944, in the battle, Hitlers last offense in what is now know as the battle of the bulge, in the ardennes forest. JW fot shrapnel and was sent to a French hospital for surgery and rec-cooperation 

Afterrwards he was sent back to the front lines in Germany, when the Jeeps taking him there were met to Jeeps going the other way, with trilled troops telling his squadron that the war was over ,  Hitler was dead.

Not quite,,  sent back to the United States he was sent to jungle  training near San Luis Oboiso for  the planned invasion of Japan

Augusust 6th changed everything when the Ennola Gay  changed everything.over Hiroshima.  and days later over Nakasaki.

We honor men like JW Boyd, on this Memorial Day 2018

JW, Staff Sargent Boyd,  we honor you on this Memorial day2018


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