Monday, August 28, 2017

The Rule of Law

These are the rules of the road in a modern democracy.  Our society has based its administration of the law. Laws made by the people through its representative elected congress.   Based upon a Constitution, and a "Bill of Rights"  

 Didn't matter if you were pals with the monarch, (king), we kept personalities out of it.  No one was above 'the rules"; the law.

In my struggle for the courts to enforce the law, with a trial, something the banks, and apparently, the courts  do not want to happen, although different motives. 

The bank, of course, is relieved, the evidence is undeniable, and according to the law, exposes the bank to punitive damages. Chase and Ocwen, dread that possibility. 

The court, of course,  wants to protect one of its own. the rising career of the Honorable Meredith Jury. Who had risen through the ranks, at Best, Best, and Krieger, a respected large law firm.  

A cursory review of "group dynamics" in an introductory human behavior textbook, can explain this motivation by the courts. Saving the judge from a second reversal to the same law. See Ozenne v Dollar Storage would not be good for her judicial career.  

First, ruling by 9th Circuit, after a 4-year 'nap' ruled in a split decision, arguing about where the BAP got its jurisdiction  But never mentioned any of the facts of my case. 

It was a split jurisdiction where this intermediate appeals court for bankruptcy appeals. the court did not have jurisdiction 

In their final full court, en banc, last ham-handed explanation, ruled, without ever asking a question or ever giving me oral argument, or to see me, eye-to-eye, 

The court ruled, that the courts higher, and apparently superior, clairvoyant powers, into my mind, were superior to the simple explanation I gave. And again, never even mentioned the facts of my case. Not `even mentioned!

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