Sunday, August 19, 2012

Retirement Notes

Fifty years ago, experimental psychologists  at Harvard came to some startling conclusions about human
development and behavior and the role of consciousness in the human being.
Discovering new world’s of perception, they advanced the idea that our ‘normal’ consciousness was a set
of conditioned responses, and reliance on a 35,000 word vocabulary of symbols to represent thought.

Experiments in the Harvard area at the Marsh Chapel, and Concord prison, revealed that psilocybin and LSD could be used to provide behavior change, and  life changing spiritual experiences.

The idea that these Harvard professors presented was that our 'ego' or the personality we have come to know ourselves by was a regiment of parental support, education, career, but from a broader perspective, we were the best answer for survival here at this time, on this planet. Political and religious systems, which separated the various human tribes from around the globe and differentiated how humans governed themselves, but in fact we are all very much the same; the carrier of this wire coil of life, that can be traced to the beginning of life on this planet.

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