Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jurisdiction Stymies Homeowner

Within the 9th Circuit, this homeowner has attempted to gain a court hearing or trial to hear his complaint that the Wall Street Bank and their service agent, who bought the 'paper' to my home, violated federal law which caused the loss of my home and my business.

No less than 15 judicial procedures and 50 sets of judicial eyes have decided in favor of the law violating banks. And that's just the federal judges and justices that have been presented my case. All of the decisions or orders, however, do not explain how my charges fail. Likely because, the facts are undeniable, and the law is clear. Yet no hearing for me.

How ?  Why ?

It's all been focused on JURISDICTION.

The bankruptcy court and a Judge named Jury, have denied me the hearing citing that the court has "no jurisdiction" to hear my charges.  All of the appeals and reconsideration over the last nine years have still not yielded me a hearing or trial.  Now the latest appeal asks the 9th Circuit to order that the Bankruptcy Appellant Panel for the 9th Circuit (of which Judge Jury is now a member of) follow their own precedent setting law, that gives the bankruptcy court, the jurisdiction they need to hold a hearing.

I don't think Judge Jury likes me.

So we press on and remember the words of Sir Winston Churchill when he said 'Success is going from one failure to the next, without loss of enthusiasm'

Read all about it here. This is my latest appeal to the court, with links to the documents

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